Email Policy

To prioritize time for research and teaching, I limit the amount of time spent answering emails to no more than 1-2 hrs/day, and limit long discussion to in person meetings. As a result, emails tend to go unanswered, particularly if they involve ambiguous requests or issues that are not time critical. Please do not send time critical communication to me via email. All urgent communication in the lab happens via text and phone or in person, and everyone listed on this website has my personal cell phone number.

For quicker responses on issues related to lab operations and experiments, please contact Eric Kennedy at

If you are a prospective PhD student, I appreciate your email to let me know that you’re specifically interested in our lab. This is really useful information. However, I tend to read these using last name search after official applications have been submitted.

If you are an undergraduate at Michigan interested in doing research in my lab, please reach out directly to my PhD students to see if they have an opening. We have had many undergraduates go on to lead their own independent projects, but it’s best to start by helping with ongoing work.

If you are a Masters student interested in a direct research rotation, anyone is welcome to continue a class project from my BME 517 class into a 3 credit Directed Research experience.

In terms of traveling for talks, I am a regular attendee at SFN and neural engineering conferences. However, I only use discretionary funding to support travel for senior PhD students and postdocs.