Cortical Neural Prosthetics Lab


Research Overview

Our lab, part of the Biointerfaces Institute & the Multimodal Integrated NeuroTechnology NeuroNex Technology Hub, focuses on brain machine interface (BMI) systems using 100 channel arrays implanted in motor and premotor cortex. The goal of this research is to eventually develop clinically viable systems to enable paralyzed individuals to control prosthetic limbs, as well as their own limbs using functional electrical stimulation and assistive exoskeletons. We also seek to expand the bandwidth of this neural interface using novel electrodes, circuits, and algorithms.


Recent Lab news:

Congratulations to Alex Vaskov for his paper acceptance to Frontiers in Neuroscience, titled “Cortical Decoding of Individual Finger Group Motions Using ReFIT Kalman Filter,” September 28, 2018!

Congratulations to Prof. Chestek on receiving tenure, May 17, 2018!!!!

Congratulations to Phil Vu for his paper acceptance to TNSRE, titled “Closed-loop continuous hand control via chronic recording of regenerative peripheral nerve interfaces,” October 12, 2017!

Congratulations to Zach Irwin for his paper acceptance to JNE, titled “Neural control of finger movement via intracortical brain-machine interface,” July 18, 2017!

Congratulations to Karen Schroeder for her paper acceptance to JNE, titled “Robust tactile sensory responses in finger area of primate motor cortex relevant to prosthetic control,” April 4, 2017!

Congratulations to Paras Patel for his paper acceptance to JNE, titled “Chronic In Vivo Stability Assessment of Carbon Fiber Microelectrode Arrays,” September 13, 2016!

Congratulations to Zach Irwin for his paper acceptance to JNE, titled “Chronic recording of hand prosthesis control signals via a regenerative peripheral nerve interface in a rhesus macaque,” May 12, 2016!

Congratulations to Dr. Karen Schroeder on her successful thesis defense, “Tactile Sensory Responses in Motor Cortex and Their Relevance to Brain-Machine Interfaces” (May 9, 2016).  Karen will be starting her postdoc at Columbia University in July.

Congratulations to Karen Schroeder for her paper acceptance to NeuroImage, titled “Disruption of Corticocortical Information Transfer during Ketamine Anesthesia in the Primate Brain,” April 15, 2016!

Congratulations to Dr. Zach Irwin on his successful thesis defense, “Restoring Fine Motor Skills through Neural Interface Technology” (March 24, 2016).  Zach will be staying on as a postdoc.

Congratulations to Karlo Malaga for his paper acceptance to JNE, titled “Data-driven model comparing the effects of glial scarring and interface interactions on chronic neural recordings in non-human primates,” October 26, 2015!

Congratulations to Zach Irwin for his paper acceptance to IEEE TNSRE, titled “Enabling Low-power, Multi-modal Neural Interfaces through a Common, Low-bandwidth Feature Space,” Oct 15, 2015!

Congratulations to UROP students Michael Kobylarek and Shaun Marshall, who both won best poster presentation ribbons at the Annual Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium, April 22, 2015. Karen Schroeder also won the Outstanding Research Mentor Award!

Congratulations to Dr. Paras Patel on his successful thesis defense,”Carbon Fiber Microelectrode Arrays For Neuroprosthetic And Neuroscience Applications” (March 30, 2015). Paras will be staying on as a postdoc.

Dr. Chestek served as Science Guest of Honor at ConFusion! Jan 16-18, 2015

Congrats to Nicole Bentley! She received the Society of Neurological Surgeons Research Update in Neuroscience for Neurosurgeons (RUNN) Award for her project, Optogenetic alteration of proprioceptive inputs to motor cortex for the development of neuroprosthetic devices.