Current Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Prof. Cynthia Chestek

Prof. Cynthia Chestek

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Robotics, Electrical Engineering and Neurosurgery

Associate Chair for Research

Miller Faculty Scholar

B.S./M.S.: Case Western Reserve University
Stanford University

Email Policy


eric kennedy

Eric Kennedy

Lab Manager, Senior Animal Technician

B.S.: Grand Valley State University
M.S.: Michigan State University

Fears: Unskippable YouTube ads, more than 8 grad students in the lab, forgetting to remove website access privileges for Dr. Paras Patel

Research Fellows

alex vaskov

Alex Vaskov, Ph.D.

B.S.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S./Ph.D.: University of Michigan

Projects: Cortical BMI, Dexterous Finger Control, Peripheral Nerve Control

Jordan Lam

MBBS, B.Sc.: University College London, United Kingdom

Projects: carbon-fiber electrode arrays for single-unit recording in the cerebral cortex, spinal cord and peripheral nerves.

Fears: toilet brushes, chasing wild geese, betrayal

Ayobami Ward

B.S.: Johns Hopkins University
M.D.: Medical College of Georgia

Projects: Cortical BMI, Peripheral Nerve Implants for Dexterous Finger Control, Neural Coding, Neuropixels

Fears: Eating chicken wings in front of others, improper attire, daytime

Graduate Students

Joey Letner

Joe Letner

B.S.E.: University of Michigan
M.S.E.: University of Michigan

Projects: Electrode Technology, Neuron Localization, Cortical BMI, MEMS

Fears: Julianna

Dylan Wallace

Dylan Wallace

B.S.E.: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Projects: Cortical BMI, Dexterous Finger Control, Hand Exoskeleton

Fears: Gas station hot dogs

HIsham Temmar

Hisham Temmar

B.S.: Georgia Institute of Technology

Projects: Cortical BMI, Dexterous Finger Control, Neural Coding

Fears: Multigrain Cheerios

Joey Costello

Joey Costello

B.S.: University of Michigan

Projects: Algorithms for real-time BMI, low-power BMI, implantable recording modules

Fears: White chocolate

Luis Cubillos

Luis Cubillos

B.S.: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Projects: Cortical BMI, Dexterous Finger Control, Neural Coding

Fears: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, Plutophobia, Octophobia

Madison Kelberman

Madison Kelberman

B.S.: University of Florida

Projects: Invertebrate Neural Recording

Fears: Zero calorie pasta noodles, making lists

Olivia Lee

B.S.: University of Michigan

Projects: Dexterous Finger Control and Implantable Recording Modules

Fears: Skim milk

Miranda Copenhaver

Miranda Copenhaver

B.S.: Washington University in St. Louis

Projects: Carbon Fibers

Fears: Anything that can’t be color-coded, disproportionate
chip-to-dip ratios, and the Creature that lays the red orbs
outside of target

Jake Joseph

B.A: Washington University in St. Louis

Projects: Dexterous Finger Control, Neurostimulation Optimization

Fears: uncoordinated potlucks, folded book pages, loose rocks


Hope Thayer

Hope Thayer

Projects: Electrode Technology

Omer Benharush

Omer Benharush

Projects: Integration of a biomechanical model into a real time system

Fears: Other people at the gym, heavy things, Friday mid afternoon



Projects: Coordinating Lab Lunch and Game Night’s

Fears: Pundits who predict the Detroit Lions to win the superbowl