Lab Members

We are currently recruiting postdocs and PhD students! Contact cchestek at umich dot edu.


Faculty and Staff

Name   Info
Cynthia Chestek, Ph.D. Cindy
(cchestek at umich dot edu)
B.S./M.S.: Case Western Reserve University
Ph.D.: Stanford University
Eric Kennedy eric_kennedy
(kennede at umich dot edu)
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
B.S.: Grand Valley State
M.S.: Michigan State


Postdocs and Fellows

Name   Info Projects/Interests
Paras Patel, Ph.D. Paras
(parasp at umich dot edu)
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
B.S.E.: UC Berkeley
M.S./Ph.D.: University of Michigan
Electrode Technology


Current Graduate Students

Name   Info Projects/Interests
Autumn Bullard Autumn
(ajbull at umich dot edu)
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
B.S.: Norfolk State University 
Philip Vu
(philipv at umich dot edu)
Hometown: Melbourne, FL
B.S.E.: University of Florida
Dexterous Finger Control
Cortical BMI
Chrono Nu  Chrono
(chrono at umich dot edu)
Hometown: Cedar Mill, OR
B.S.: Westminster College (SLC)
Cortical BMI
Dexterous Finger Control
Computational Neuroscience
Neuronal Network Analyses
Ciara Caldwell  Ciara
(ciaracc at umich dot edu)
Hometown: Defiance, OH
B.S.: University of Toledo
Elissa Welle  elissa
(elissajw at umich dot edu)
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
B.S.: Cornell University
Electrode Technology
Cortical BMI
Sam Nason  Sam
(samnason at umich dot edu)
Hometown: Lake Worth, FL
B.S.: University of Florida
Electrical Stimulation
Implantable Recording Module
Alex Vaskov alex_vaskov
(akvaskov at umich dot edu)
Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD
B.S.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dexterous Finger Control
Cortical BMI
Peripheral Nerve Control



Name   Info Projects/Interests
 Naia North  

(naia @ umich dot edu)

Hometown: Waikoloa, HI

 Assistive Technology



Name   Position / Degree Current Position
Prof. David Thompson, Ph.D. Dave2 Post-Doc Assistant Professor, ECE Dept. Kansas State University
Dr. J. Nicole Bentley, M.D. Nicole Research Fellow Neurosurgeron, Emory
Dr. Karen Schroeder, Ph.D.   Ph.D., 2016  Post-doc, Columbia University 
Dr. Zachary Irwin, Ph.D. Zach2 Ph.D., 2016  Post-doc, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Michael Kobylarek Michael BSE, 2016 Vice President of Product Management at Man La Mode, Inc.