What People Are Saying

“These people are geniuses” – Darryl Stiltner

“Not sure who that Matt Mender guy is but seems like a smart crew” – Ayobami Ward

“The most above average website I’ve ever seen”
The Wilkes-Penn Chronicle

“The photo captions are fire” – The Interweb Daily

“This lab is bananas, but I’m here for it”
Paras Patel

“There’s no offense. There’s no defense.
It’s a we-fense” – Coach Jim Harbaugh

“I was actually looking for the Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL) but this is cool I guess”
– Random internet user

“Esta terrible de pulento lo que hacen”
Catalina Guzman

“This group is really good at pickleball”
Pickleball Weekly

“Pickleball is life!”
lab undergrad

“We’re contributing to idea sharing and building a community all in the name of advancing science to save lives.” – Jordan Lam