What People Are Saying

“These people are geniuses” – Darryl Stiltner

“Not sure who that Matt Mender guy is but seems like a smart crew” – Ayobami Ward

“The most above average website I’ve ever seen”
The Wilkes-Penn Chronicle

“The photo captions are fire” – The Interweb Daily

“This lab is bananas, but I’m here for it”
Paras Patel

“There’s no offense. There’s no defense.
It’s a we-fense” – Coach Jim Harbaugh

“I was actually looking for the Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL) but this is cool I guess”
– Random internet user

“Esta terrible de pulento lo que hacen”
Catalina Guzman

“This group is really good at pickleball”
Pickleball Weekly

“Pickleball is life!”
lab undergrad